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About Us

Founded in 2013, Alpha Support started with bringing in different skilled individuals with comprehensible technical skills and expertise in a wide variety of IT fields together. After 7 years of operating, we have perfected and improved our specialized support services in IT consulting, support outsources, relocation, networking, and many others.


At Alpha Support, we are committed and dedicated to our clients to continually simplify vertical customer service. We only offer the best to our clients by providing high-quality IT and computer support services, computer networking, infrastructures and Softwares. Close to many high-end suppliers in the IT industry, our utmost priority remains as providing high-quality product and services.


The founders of Alpha Support were sure to equip each of the members of the company with the necessary knowledge and skills as well as training in their specialized fields. The team members at Alpha Support are always eager in learning and training with the newest and current technological innovations being able to help administer and solve the issues faced by our clients.

We also take into priority company values that are incorporated into our practices so that we are effective in our teamwork efforts and customer-client engagements. This ensures that we take into account our clients and customers needs, and providing solutions that are dynamic and useful.

IT Company, Company Overview, IT Support Services Malaysia: Managed IT Support | IT Outsource Service
IT Company, Company Overview, IT Support Services Malaysia: Managed IT Support | IT Outsource Service

Our Mission

To establish a nationwide network of eminent computer professionals who are capable in dealing with the business and home computer users’ needs via years of experience, proficient skills and efficient training, and who through collective mutual support can transform into the most preferred service provider in computer and business technology at all times.


Why Clients Choose Us

Trusted Vendor

With 7 years of meaningful technical experience, the ever-enthusiastic founders are very adamant in ensuring their comrades have been well trained in particular areas in the IT field.

Professional Team

Our highly competent and reliable technical skills are built through wide scopes of IT fields ensuring only professionals are to serve different technical needs at our company.

Competitive Prices

We offer competitive yet affordable prices in order to give the best experience to our valued customers. We incorporate our innovation with the latest high-quality software and hardware to our clients’ demands at the most reasonable cost.