Skilful Team

Our team consists of enthusiastic and skilled individuals with a vast knowledge of IT support managed services in Malaysia that are readily available to collaborate in assisting organizations in delivering active business productivity with the use of technology.

Principled Practices

We are dedicated to creating sustainable IT support services in Malaysia to our clients with proper ethical practices that are beneficial and helpful to all.

Holistic Service

Catering to all types of computer users, our company appropriately provides access to integrated IT support services in Malaysia.

IT Support Services Malaysia

Experts in IT Support Services in Malaysia

In providing an array of networking among independent computer professionals that are skilled, trained and best at what they do, we are able to create the best IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur to fulfil the needs of all computer users, in turn making us the best managed IT service provider.

IT Support Malaysia

Emphasis on the Support of Alpha Support

Established in 2013, we here at Alpha Support have the necessary knowledge and experience in maintaining our specialized and efficient services on IT consultation, networking, IT support outsourcing, relocating, customized IT infrastructure support in Malaysia, data processing and backup, cloud service, audit service on asset inventory, remote support services and phone repair services. We are a dedicated IT solution company in Malaysia with a mission to help and support our clients with their IT issues and problems by providing customized IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur.

Alpha Support is the leading brand in IT consulting services in Malaysia. We at Alpha Support, believe in providing top-notch and professional customized IT solution and support in Malaysia, hoping to also provide customized business IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur.


High IT Support Standards

As the best IT support solutions in Kuala Lumpur, we are passionate about technology and continue to improve along with learning up-coming knowledge on IT that helped us to collaborate as well as work together alongside other manufacturers and vendors in this industry. Our company has gained recognition as one of the leading IT solution company in Malaysia.