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Alpha Backup System

Alto and Siris

A business continuity solution that delivers enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price. Physical. Virtual. Cloud.

SIRIS is a reliable, all-in-one BCDR solution built for MSPs to efficiently prevent data loss and minimize downtime for their customers.

Alto Features

All in One

Small Yet

Backup and

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity


Siris Features

All in One Business


Continuous Data

Built for

More Than Just
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How it Works

Backup Insights

Gain insight into every single backup through Alpha Backup System's intuitive Backup Insights interface.

Screenshot Verification

Achieve peace of mind with frequent and automatic validation of backup integrity, immediately after completion.

Instant Virtualization

Virtualize your entire business infrastructure locally or in the secure Alpha Backup System in as little as 6 seconds.

Backup Insights

Gain insight into every single backup through Alpha Backup System's intuitive Backup Insights interface.

Screenshot Verification

Achieve peace of mind with frequent and automatic validation of backup integrity, immediately after completion.

Instant Virtualization

Virtualize your entire business infrastructure locally or in the secure Alpha Backup System in as little as 6 seconds.


Architecturally, ALTO is an x64 Linux server.

Its enterprise-grade architecture is unique because:

It’s a Total Data Protection platform

Additional groundbreaking features, and business-building platform expansion well into the future.

Architecture enables new Alpha Backup System innovations

Additional groundbreaking features, and business-building platform expansion well into the future.


A complex combination of standard and proprietary software
integrated into a single Data Protection platform.

Speedsync is a hyper-speed synchronization engine technology that ensures file and data are transferred to and from the Alpha Cloud. Users are able to control datas manually.  Speedsync also allows multiple files to sync and work at one time. Not to mention, speedsync also promises to prioritize the critical data first to enter the Alpha Cloud, in which users do not need to worry about losing their data and files. This technology enables the reduction of the network traffic which is much needed in data transfer in and out of Alpha Cloud and computer fast. This is what makes Alpha one of the most trusted backup solutions in Malaysia.  

Apache is a web server and open source software that is free for everyone to use which has around 40% of websites using Apache. It is proven that Apache is the most trusted and reliable web server since their first release in 1995. Apache, or also known as Apache HTTP Server is a software that runs on a server and connects to browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox and many more while it sends files back and forth the client server structure. Apache also works on Windows and Unix servers. 

Alpha backup solutions Malaysia utilizes Apache because of its module-based structure, Apache is highly customizable and easy to use. Module-based structure is a structure that allows the server administrator to turn on or off the additional features. As for Apache, it has modules that are assigned for caching, security, password authentication, rewriting URL, and many more. Personal server configurations can be set up by a file called .htaccess which is a configuration file for Apache that has been used for web servers that run on the Apache web server software. These files can be used to adjust the setting of the Apache to authorize the additional features. It also can be used to adjust different configurations.  

ABS ZFS is the Alpha Backup System that comes with ZFS makes us the best automation backup in Malaysia. ABS ZFS is an innovative file system. It is not like any other files systems, ZFS gathers the attributes of a file system and a volume manager. Partitioning and formatting will be managed by ZFS and the storage is as big as a pool. Feel free to add more storage to ZFS and it can still handle the content without breaking down. Copy-on-write is an interesting feature for ZFS in which a new content is written and it would be on a different block, if the content goes missing, the copy of the content is saved so that you would not have to be worried if you lose any of the content from the storage. Worry less on checking and repairing your file system with fsck command if the system crashed. The copy-on-write feature leads to another, which is snapshot. Basically snapshot is used to track changes in the file system. With Alpha backup solutions Malaysia system and ZFS features, it provides Data Integrity Protection, that can know any data corruption and repair it actively with integrity. Furthermore, it maximizes SSD service life for the world’s first all-flash backup, SSD accelerated and flash optimized. Not to forget, a maximum backup throughput, with full speed backup even with a short supply of drives, Via coalescing and an intelligent RAID. Finally, storage efficiency, as well with an inline data compression, variable-length blocks, and inline block deduplication.

Php is basically a common language that is used on the internet just like HTML, javascript, and CSS. Unlikely HTML, Php is strong and powerful enough to be the core on the blogging website which is WordPress. Php 7 is the revolution of the original Php. A lot of new features are added to Php 7, compared to the previous Php 5 and one of the updates is to deliver web applications for the mobile, enterprise, and the cloud. What is Fpm? When you want to build a package, Fpm is the command-line that will help you design it. With this we have one of the top backup software in malaysia.

KVM, known as a KVM switch, stands for keyboard, mouse, and monitor setup, basically used to allow the usage of multiple computers or PCs with one set of a keyboard, monitor and mouse. This enables a person to control and switch between those multiple computers or PCs, sometimes up to 4 or 5 screens, with a single set of a keyboard, mouse, and monitor. The benefits of this setup are to be able to cut down on costs, workspace as well as increase productivity. This is much easier than having to set up multiple computers or PCs with its own set of keyboard, mouse, and monitor, which is a hassle when you want to get work done efficiently. As one of the top server backup system in Malaysia this hardware is used because of its ability to connect  three components to multiple computers. This makes it much simpler for people who work in data centres, control rooms, labs and other jobs that require multiple screens to work quicker and more efficiently, it is typically used by gamers as well, giving them better video resolution and a wider view.

By using a KVM switch to switch between computers or servers, the user typically could press a button located on the KVM switch or other ways that can be set such as, pressing a hotkey on their keyboard, clicking on the mouse wheel or using a program displayed on-screen. Other than that, a KVM switch makes work easier due to the smooth switching ensured by the hardware and software of the product, switching smoothly between multiple screens, computers, or servers.

Ubuntu is an open source Debian-based Linux operating system. Primarily intended for personal computer backup solutions in Malaysia, it is also deployed for server backup Malaysia, cloud, smartphone and tablet. Ubuntu has been recognized as one the most secure operating systems in the world with a built-in firewall and virus protection softwares. The latest release of Ubuntu 16:04 has finally arrived! The new Ubuntu Linux distribution is ready for you to run your organization, school, home or business and with this release , your mainframe.

BMR is an abbreviation for Bare-Metal Recovery and it is a process where a failed machine is moved to a newer hardware through copying all the necessary data across the network and transferring it to the newer hardware. It is one of the backup recovery methods that is widely used in case of unexpected circumstances that can result in a disaster on the network as it allows you to recover data even without an installed operating system. It has always been said to be one of the tasks dreaded by a MPS Technician because it is such a time-consuming work due to the fact that there is a need to copy all the data from the network, however, you may be able to save time if you have the system image in hand.

The data that is usually backed up are OS, relevant applications and basic data which would then be transferred to the separate machine or device so that the rebuild and restoration process can be done. That is the basic explanation on BMR. The main highlight in this is the Next-gen BMR. It is an exceedingly upgraded version of BMR. 

You would find Alpha Backup Solutions Malaysia service as systematic and efficient throughout the whole procedure and it would be a top-notch service capable of restoring your system to its best potential. Next-gen BMR is the greatest achievement that would change the approach in restoring data of destroyed machines to a brand new hardware. It would carve the path for the future of BMR in generations to come. 

Alto and Siris’ Deployment

Alto is a disk-based storing database and is one of the best Alpha backup solutions in Malaysia. It offers hybrid cloud technology, that means the data is supported to an on-site backup disaster recovery (BDR) and reflected back to the Alpha Cloud. Alto, a server backup in Malaysia, is perfect for  small and medium businesses (SMBS)  as it comes with  various interesting features apart from it being affordable, Alto is a device with all-in-one usage in it.

It is fully featured, letting SMBs to restore any substructure, whether it is physical or virtual. Another superlative feature is that it comes with a huge defense in a small size, but it depends on how the companies would want to produce their product. It is able to accommodate up to 2TB of data, equivalent up to servers. Retrievable with high level of granularity from multiple points of time and duplicated the data to the cloud, letting to keep any support as a virtual machine off-site. Alto supports you whole system, so if a ransomware infection kills your Windows and holds up your business-critical applications, you can get everything back like a virtual machine, in fact you can also get only the individual files. With the Alto, SMBs can back up their server instantly with Alpha’s advanced bare-metal restore capability, also Alto industriously observes for signs of any ransomware infections. Alert will be given automatically, so they can go back before the infections, remove the threat and avoid paying the ransom.

Siris is a device categorized as Disaster Recovery and it was one of the BCDR alternatives for a company that can prevent computer systems from failing that may cause data loss. This cloud backup in Malaysia is a device that can recover data loss when a disaster such as fire, ransomware attack or else.Siris is a good device for Business Continuity Management.

Siris is one way to secure business data on their own cloud storage backup. The latest Siris Private restricts the business from storing their data on third-party cloud. For some big business or organization where they always backup their data such as the government, Siris provide a one way solution for them. Deploying Siris is not a hard process, as it requires or can be deployed with the accessibility of the LAN or VLAN. You can simply connect the first Siris to the secondary one. The first Siris is labeled as Source Siris and the other one is Destination Siris. The source Siris is the prior one to backup the data and it will send all of the data to the Destination Siris where it will store all of the Siris private cloud. By this, you can ensure the safety of the important data and Siris can protect it from any harm such as ransomware attacks or natural disasters like fire, floods or else. This is one of the best cloud storage services.

Siris Specifications

1TB - 100TB
Intel Xeon and Skylake
Cache Drive:
Optane NVMe SS
Mini Desktop, Desktop, and Rackmount

ALTO Specifications

8GB (DDR3)
Intel Core i3-5010U
Mini Desktop