Our Services

Alpha Support is a recognized provider of integrated IT solutions. Here, we serve fast, reliable and pragmatic advice to our valued clients at a reasonable cost. With an exceptional tailored package of IT Care that we offer, customers can now get their regular maintenance and scheduled advice to ensure their machines are able to function at a prime level. Special timely check-ups are also included in this package, which helps to cater to your office network and server’s needs.

We also work in full force together with our clients in order to situs live up to their expectations in making their business flourish at its optimum potential. What we would like to call as One-Stop Shop is a service where we offer IT procurement, project execution as well as technical assistance that come hand in hand with professional advice from our highly competent engineers. All of these just to make sure your office network organization and facilities are rightfully attended from beginning to end.

Our clients can sit back and relax knowing our Virtual IT Department provides them the best IT supplies which are being operated by prominent professionals in the field. Be rest assured that we guarantee a secure business platform through on-time responses and zero to little downtime in managing your network. Below are our niche consulting services:

IT Support Outsources

Having to attend many devices at one go will no longer be a hassle. With Alpha Support, you can now manage your network and infrastructure at an optimum level 24/7. We guarantee the best technical support for your devices, ensuring proper maintenance for your digital facilities throughout our service.

On-Demand IT Support Services

With Alpha Support on demand IT support services we closely align with your internal IT team and help your day to day operations running smoothly. Our IT support service based incidents prioritise and could be easily custom-built according to your requirements.

Hassle free a single contact to [email protected]  we will enclose IT support and maintenance across a wide array of hardware and software platforms.


At Alpha Support, we act as a one-stop center for those who wish to relocate their IT needs via the supplies of analytics, teamwork, materials packaging as well as transportation at the most competitive yet affordable rates.

Our relocation services come in different range, and this includes:

  • Desktop Relocation
  • Server Relocation
  • Network Relocation


Being the front liner in our field, we are more than ready to provide the ideal construction, design along with network usage including the physical ones such as cabling, hub, bridge and router at your convenience. Not just that, we also give the choices and use of telecommunication agreement, software in managing the network as well as the execution of terms and conditions in procedures pertaining to the network.

Cabling Infrastructure

Our top-notch cabling infrastructure through its wide range of cables from category 5e (CAT5e), category 6 (CAT6), Fibre Optic cabling to modular connectors have proven to be the best in wiring data centers specification, offices and building for voice and data communications.

Data Backup and Recover

We are the experts in recovering your thought-to-be lost data. Be it due to hard drive failure, boot not found, accidental deletion, data crash and corruption, virus detection or even your mistakably unsaved data altogether. Fret not, for Alpha Support has all it takes to recover your data effectively.


We offer the best assistance when it comes to these virtualization services:

  • Construct a virtual infrastructure that lives up to your business standards and requirements.
  • Build and execute virtual infrastructure alongside your cloud infrastructure.
  • Bolster the performance of your existing virtualization environment.
  • Cloud Solutions and Automation.
  • Upgrade the existing virtual surrounding with the latest instrument in the market.

Asset Inventory Audit Service

Worry no more as your physical inventory is in good hands with us, as we guarantee a successful asset inventory for you through dynamic floor plan, facility addresses, primary departmental contacts in addition to a fixed asset listing.

Remote Support

Though we have been mentioning all the huge banes in the IT field, Alpha Support also caters to the smallest of problems with your computer and devices. We are well-known for our fast service in handling this nuisance to ensure your time and productivity can be optimized at its maximum level.

Authorised Reseller

Alpha Support is a channel partner that acts as an intermediary between companies that make, distribute or provide IT products and services to end customers. We  always work with our partners to ensure our customers get discounted and rebate rate of every purchases made. We carry plenty of brands to provide best service to our customers.

Mobile Phone Repair Services

We known as iPhone Repair Malaysia since 2013, After 9 years of operating with improved technical skills, services, original parts and best rate for our customers.

Click Repair Now to fix your phone today!!

Website and Content Development

Flexible content solutions that fulfill your specific requirements. Our skilled web copywriters develop vibrant and SEO-driven website content that generates search results, impresses visitors, and gains their confidence.

  • Quality and Original Content

Our professional copywriters can develop exclusive content with care, relying on their extensive expertise.

  • SEO Content

We create content that boosts your brand awareness. Allow our experienced web copywriters to improve your web content.