Detailed comparison of the Sony A5100 and Sony A6000 cameras.

However, if you are concerned with the features and ergonomics, you will notice that there are significant variations between them. I’ve had a lot of experience with both the a5100 and the a6000, and I would strongly advise you to acquire the a6000 instead. Some of the a5100’s parameter settings can only be changed by seeing them on the camera’s back screen, which may be frustrating at times. Because aperture is a feature of the lens, it can only be determined for fixed lens cameras.

Similar to that, all versions are NFC-enabled, which means that you can quickly link them with other NFC-compatible devices through Bluetooth. These two networking options significantly improve the utility of the cameras in today’s age of instantaneous communication. The fact that both cameras emphasize the thing in focus is a notable feature of both cameras. This means that you’ll see a little square or rectangle that tells you what part of the item is being illuminated from the angle at which the camera is pointed.

When you use autofocus tracking, after you have chosen your subject and pressed the shutter release halfway down, the autofocus will follow your subject as it moves. Continuous shooting at a high speed is beneficial for capturing action photos. The greater the number of focus points, the greater the degree of freedom in selecting whatever area of the picture to concentrate on. They also increase the likelihood that the image sensor will correctly identify the correct portion of the picture to focus on while operating in more automated settings. The larger the screen size, the more enjoyable the user experience will be.

We sought for cameras that have selfie-friendly displays, wide-angle lenses, microphone inputs, and excellent video quality, and we chose the best of the bunch. Despite the fact that the majority of users only use their cellphones to publish photographs to Instagram, the app offers much more than a simple mobile photography platform. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of cameras that make it simple to capture appealing lifestyle photographs that can be shared on social networking sites like Instagram. The viewfinder is good, but it is overrated; on my a5100, I have the brightness of the lcd set to “sunny weather,” and I can readily see what is on the screen in all bar the brightest sunshine. Larger pixels have the ability to gather more photons, resulting in a broader dynamic range, but smaller pixels enable better resolutions for a given sensor area, resulting in a more compact sensor.

In the Sony E-Mount Lens Catalog, you can get a comparison of the optics that are available. With the premium mirrorless DSLR that is focused on speed, you may push the boundaries of your imagination. From fast-action to candid, every creative photo you take benefits from 24.3MP resolution and the world’s quickest auto focus6, allowing you to capture every moment with clarity. The a6000 can take 11 images in one second, which is ideal for catching fleeting events that happen in a split second. Even while the Sony a6000 is more costly than the Canon EOS R, it does come with a few additional features that help to explain the higher price tag.

The hotshoe enables you to attach an external microphone, flashgun, or triggers for remote illumination, which results in far better portraits and other images. It is possible that the ability of a camera to interact with its surroundings will be an essential consideration in the camera selection process for some imaging applications. The camera’s vibrations are detected by gyroscopic sensors, which are used to provide optical picture stabilization. The lens makes the necessary adjustments to the optical path, ensuring that any sort of motion blur is addressed before the picture is captured by the sensor. An interchangeable system camera contains a large number of replaceable components, including lenses, flashes, and other accessories.

The surface area of a sensor is derived by multiplying the sensor’s width and height together. The pixel density of the Sony Alpha a6000 and Sony Alpha a5100 cameras is the same. Pixel pitch is a measurement of the distance between the centers of one pixel and the centers of the next.

There is no built-in GPS in any of these devices, which means that you will be unable to geotag your photographs and videos. In today’s digital and connected world, geotagging has evolved into a capability that can be found on practically any device, including smartphones and tablets. It is odd that a characteristic that is so widely used is absent from various representations.

Although I enjoyed using it for a time, when I needed to go to full manual mode, I began to consider how much I would have enjoyed having VF and more control buttons/dials. It is possible to compute equivalent aperture by multiplying the lens aperture by the crop factor (a.k.a. focal length multiplier). The A5100 is equipped with an articulating LCD display that can be rotated to face the user. Vloggers and photographers who are interested in taking selfies would like this trait.

Despite this, the touchscreen is not as good as they make it out to be in their promotional materials. In fact, since it is so clumsy, I only use the touchscreen on rare occasions. To summarize, the auto focus is outstanding, and the tilt screen is excellent, particularly considering that it can be tilted 180 degrees.

When exposed to bright, sunny outside circumstances, the LCD screen degrades. I was frustrated because I couldn’t see what I was doing, and I wished I had a viewfinder. In terms of analysing the situation and automatically picking the appropriate combination of aperture, shutter speed and ISO, it performs well. The a6000 appealed to me largely because of its tiny size and excellent picture quality, which I needed for brief short travels.

The auto HDR tool is one of my favorites since it produces outstanding results even in low light circumstances. When I was attempting to picture flying birds, I had a strong sense of deja vu. I really like the little camera size and all of the features it provides; but, I have large hands, and several of the buttons are crowded together. The weight savings and compactness weren’t really important to me, but they were a great bonus nevertheless. From Manila, Philippines, Don Machuca is a writer as well as a professional photographer and filmmaker who specializes in landscape photography, events photography, and product photography.