Revealing of Alpha Support New Logo

Alpha Support logo announcement

We are proud to announce the launching of the New Logo of Alpha Support as part of the ongoing evolution to our company’s brand.

Our business has grown and developed over the years, and we felt it is time for a change. We have reshaped our logo to reflect who we are today and to get across the future.

After careful consideration, we identified a new logo for Alpha Support that reflects a more modern look that captures our mission to deliver daftar slot gacor excellent quality, performance and service support across the products we provide.

Our new logo, where “AS” stands for “Alpha Support” as a whole, the design swaps the complicated looking structure with a gradient of turquoise colors for a more minimalist look. Taking this approach of re-branding to bring the design more in line with the aesthetics and portray flexibility. The use of the color ‘green’ at the start to the ‘blue’ indicates the growth we are focusing on. This transformation applies everywhere; from our internal strategy to the use of our situs slot online terbaik 2022 services by end users where they see their improved product and service.

With a very strategist approach,  Alpha Support also glad to introduce our new business line; “Alpha Cloud Backup & Alpha Accounting Services” to create a clear picture of our vision & mission and representing the core focus of our business in the Infra-structured Virtual Services System besides highlighting the Innovation-focused mindset of Alpha Support.

With this, Alpha Support aims to present ourselves to higher standards and cater to your requirements with more suitable services in times to come.

Our task in the upcoming months will be to update all our collaterals, uniforms, websites, business cards, etc with the new logo.  We realise that changing a logo is a process that involves many phases and takes some time, so we will implement it gradually.

We, Alpha Support appreciate your kind support. You may contact us for more information.